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Real participants sharing their successes in our Wellness Coaching programs.


With a BMI of 32, Dave* is obese. He wants to improve his health, make better food choices and lose at least 20 pounds, but he feels he doesn't know much about nutrition. Dave doesn't exercise and often finds himself eating in front of the television at the end of the day. He has a daughter and wants to be able to play actively with her and become healthier to improve his chances of living a long life.

Dave began working with a Wellness Coach to develop a plan that would help him lose weight and become healthier. Together they brainstormed solutions to his biggest challenges. The coach suggested Dave develop active alternatives to watching TV to decrease his sedentary time.

The coach helped Dave plan ahead for challenging events, like a camping trip and a friend's birthday celebration. She recommended he look at menus ahead of time when attending a social engagement at a restaurant.

The coach also offered Dave podcasts after each call, which provided education about weight-loss topics like tackling triggers, staying motivated, increasing exercise, using meal trackers and preventing relapses. Dave enjoyed each podcast, and together he and the coach reviewed what he learned during their next call.

The coach praised Dave's consistent food tracking. Together they reviewed his food logs during each call so she was able to provide specific, step-by-step instructions for modifying his food choices.

Thanks to the help and support of the Wellness Coach, Dave has lost 21 pounds and so far lowered his BMI three points. He also increased his exercise to more than 200 minutes per week. Because of his weight loss, Dave has been able to purchase new clothes in a smaller size, and he feels proud of himself for working toward his long-term goals.

* Member name and some details changed to protect member privacy.