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Real participants sharing their successes in our Wellness Coaching programs.


A busy mom, Felicity* was using food to cope with stress. She was overweight and feeling sluggish. With a big family vacation on the horizon, Felicity wanted to lose weight and gain more energy.

To get her started on her weight-loss journey, the Wellness Coach helped Felicity set goals, starting with tracking her daily food intake.

In addition, the Wellness Coach encouraged Felicity to take a closer look at the nutrients in her meals — carbs, fats and proteins — and recommended more fruits and vegetables, lean meats and whole grains.

Together, they discussed life's eating challenges, such as birthdays and going out to eat, and how to enjoy special occasions by planning ahead and controlling portion sizes.

For exercise, the Wellness Coach suggested that Felicity start with a small goal and build her activity level over time.

Thanks in part to the help and support from the Wellness Coach, Felicity lost almost 30 pounds in two months. She's now exercising 300 minutes per week and has joined a gym. She's enjoying her new lifestyle change and attributes her success to setting one attainable goal at a time.

* Member name and some details changed to protect member privacy.