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Real participants sharing their successes in our Wellness Coaching programs.


Just in her 50s, Maddie* has noticed that she feels more lethargic throughout the day. Weighing 220 pounds, she is obese, and both her cholesterol and blood glucose numbers are elevated. She finds it difficult to maintain a healthy diet or consistent exercise regimen due to her desk job and frequent trips. She is also dealing with the emotional stress of caring for a close friend who has cancer. While Maddie has tried weight-loss programs in the past, she feels that more personal accountability and support would help her achieve her goals. She would like to lose 45 pounds and increase her energy level.

Maddie enrolled in the Wellness Coaching program and began working with a Healthy Weight Wellness Coach by phone. After discussing Maddie's goals and previous roadblocks, the coach suggested Maddie start using two specific tools to help with her weight-loss goals: a food-tracking smartphone app and a daily food journal. The coach emphasized that Maddie's daily diet should be no less than 1,200 calories. She also educated Maddie on avoiding foods and beverages with high amounts of sodium and sugar.

To help combat Maddie's feelings of discouragement, her coach recommended that Maddie not weigh herself more than once or twice a week and aim for an average weekly weight loss of one to two pounds. She also encouraged Maddie to measure her waist circumference periodically so she could see that she was losing both inches and pounds.

The Wellness Coach encouraged Maddie to start exercising regularly and discuss a program with her physician. Even when traveling, Maddie could keep up her routine by using the hotel's exercise equipment. To help manage the stress of dealing with her friend's cancer battle, the coach also referred Maddie to resources available through her Employee Assistance Program.

Thanks to the support, resources and education from her Wellness Coach, Maddie is down to 178 pounds. She exercises 300–500 minutes per week and has even convinced her husband to join her. Maddie is proud of the progress she's made and is happy to report she feels more energized and less stressed.

* Member name and some details changed to protect member privacy.