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The banner says Taking Charge of Your Health. Tome el control de su Salud.

Your Taking Charge newsletters

Having the right information and tools at hand can help us all take charge of our health and wellness. That’s why these newsletters are a great resource. Learn more about the health topics that are important to you, all just a click away.


Find out how adults and children can manage asthma. Read the asthma newsletter and learn how to breathe easier.

Coronary Artery Disease

Lifestyle changes and working with the doctor can all add up to a healthier heart. Learn about it here.


Get helpful advice on the kinds of healthy habits and precautions that can help make COPD more manageable — starting today.


Diabetes can be a life-changer, and there are so many ways people can change how to deal with it — and manage it. Find out how.

Heart Health

Every heart deserves some love. Embracing a healthier lifestyle — and making it a long-term commitment — can help in important ways.

Health Library

You’ll find a wealth of information on dozens of health topics, all from trusted sources. Browse articles, videos and other tools, all here whenever you want to learn more.